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Construction Tools and Materials

  • Improve efficiency with on-site storage
  • Improve service with local transportation and warehousing
  • Expand your business with a mobile worksite

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Contractors have long relied on the convenience and efficiency that PODS® on-site storage brings to a project. But that’s only one side of the story. PODS also provides the flexible capacity that manufacturers and wholesalers need to meet contractor and project demands.

Service without overhead. Building materials wholesalers can combine order picking, transportation to the job site, and on-site storage all in one PODS® container – without an inefficient investment in trucks or delivery personnel that too often end up sitting idle.

Choose portability for flexibility. PODS’ unique lift system allows us to pick up and move loaded or empty PODS containers as needed at the job site, either to reposition them closer to a new work area or to make room for the next stage of a project – potentially saving hours of labor cost.

Take your shop on the road. By using PODS containers as mobile workshops and warehouses, specialty contractors can take on distant projects that require transportation and local storage of expensive equipment. From surface refinishing to environmental testing, PODS is the perfect business partner.