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Office and Employee Relocations

  • Ease employees’ minds during stressful transitions
  • Keep control of your relocation budget
  • Adapt to changing housing markets

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What if a new employee’s home isn’t ready for move-in, or a sale falls through on either side? How can new hires start on the same day their movers might arrive? Beginning a new job is stressful enough without these added worries. With PODS, such concerns are wiped away – in favor of full control.

Make moves easier. Employees are faced with hundreds of decisions as part of a relocation, and the current real estate market adds even more uncertainty. Employees that relocate with PODS enjoy more flexibility, since they can store some or all of their household until they’re ready to move into a new home – without the rehandling and exorbitant fees that come with van line moving.

Plan for the unexpected. Twenty-five percent of relocating employees request storage as part of their move. Twice as many actually end up needing storage, though. PODS provides an easy and flexible way to meet surprise needs.

Provide options. You can’t afford to give every employee the “white-glove” moving package. That doesn’t mean, however, that new hires should have to learn to drive rental trucks. Whether you see it as “containerized moving” or “flexible, portable storage,” the PODS way of moving is simply a better option for many of your internal customers.