Why choose PODS over Full Service Movers?

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We’ve been helping people Move and Store since 1998 and pride ourselves on treating your possessions like they're our own. That’s why PODS is the most trusted brand in portable moving & storage. Here are a few important questions to ask full service movers:

Will they confirm a date for your delivery?

PODS will provide you with a confirmed date for your container delivery. Full service movers typically are unwilling to confirm a date, and you may be left waiting for your belongings, as dates are “subject to change.”

How many times will they move your items between trucks and warehouses?

With PODS, once your belongings are loaded into your container, the next time they are unloaded is when they arrive at your location, reducing the chance of breakage.

Do you have to be home to accept delivery?

With PODS, you don’t have to be home to accept delivery. We'll email you an estimated delivery window the night before, and we'll give you a call when the driver is on the way to your location.

How long do you have to load and unload your belongings?

At PODS, we recognize that your new home may not be ready to move in your belongings. That's why when you choose PODS, you can take all the time you need to unload your possessions. You can also take all the time you need loading your container for your move, so you won’t have to rush around and pack everything in one day.

Are your belongings on the same truck as other households?

Your belongings are stored securely in your container, and will not be combined with other households. This unique process helps eliminate lost goods.

How much experience do they have?

PODS has completed over 3 million deliveries and services over 250 million households.

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Do they have Storage Centers, how many, and are they climate controlled?

PODS’ has over 200 local, secure Storage Centers, with climate-controlled storage in most locations.